At Del Monte, we know that nothing grows to greatness without healthy roots.

At our core we have a strong set of operating values which ensure that every aspect of our business has the capacity to grow and thrive. Most importantly, our values ensure that we all act with integrity and stewardship on behalf of the Del Monte name.

Del Monte is a leader in the food products industry—a leader in quality, a leader in service, and a leader in ethical and honest business practices. We have earned this reputation based on the high ethical standards practiced by our dedicated associates. Maintaining our excellent reputation is crucial to our future as one of the largest and most well known producers, distributors, and marketers of premium quality, branded, and private label food for the United States retail market.

Our commitment to integrity extends far beyond observing the letter and spirit of the law. Even in the event there is no law, rule, or regulation directly governing a particular situation, Del Monte expects its associates to do what is right: to be honorable and to set an example for our customers and competitors alike. This applies to all our relationships, including our relationships with consumers, customers, investors, suppliers, competitors, unions, government bodies, the communities in which we do business, and to our co-workers. We also seek honesty in buying and selling, and therefore denounce all forms and manifestations of commercial bribery.

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Maintaining our excellent reputation as an honest and honorable company is crucial to our future and our continued success.

The Del Monte Foods, Inc. Code of Conduct articulate the principles by which our Company operates and applies to all of Del Monte’s employees, executives, and directors. Each associate is expected to read and understand these standards and to conduct himself or herself accordingly.

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