State of Healthy Eating in America

As one of the original plant-based companies, Del Monte Foods works to build a world where food is nutritious and accessible for everyone, in which natural resources are managed to maintain the healthy functioning of ecosystems and to support current and future human needs. 

In 2020 we released results from the State of Healthy Eating in America to debunk misconceptions that many Americans have around healthy eating, especially regarding packaged foods. The study revealed that one in three Americans confess they were never taught about nutrition, contributing to confusion around what it means to eat healthy. The study also discovered that while 70% of Americans say that when they eat a healthy diet they feel like “the best version of themselves,” 32% of millennials feel a “significant amount of social pressure and anxiety” around what they eat.

Trying to Eat Healthy is Stressing Out Americans

Healthy eating clearly ties to worry and stress, as more than half of Americans said that:

  • Eating healthy is one of their biggest worries when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Eating a healthy diet is the key to their happiness

Empowering a Generation of Healthy Eaters

There is a lack of knowledge around healthy eating as 1 in 3 say they were never taught about healthy food options and 25% do not feel they know enough about nutrition to ensure they maintain a healthy diet.

In addition, 2 in 5 Gen Z (40%) do not feel they know enough about nutrition to ensure they maintain a healthy diet (Millennials, 31%; Gen X, 24%; Boomers, 17%). So that’s why we’ve joined with the nonprofit GrowingGreat™ to expand nutrition education in support of our Growers of Good™ initiative. 


GrowingGreat is a nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles, California with the mission to empower children to make healthy food choices through hands-on science and garden education. Our sponsorship of GrowingGreat will increase the organization's national reach by an estimated 95,000 children, parents and teachers through the activation of eight science centers, children's museums, zoo and school partnerships in addition to Mount Diablo and Los Angeles Unified School Districts. Based on annual attendance, the indirect impact would total over 5.6 million museum visitors alone nationwide. Partners include the Academy of Natural Sciences of Drexel University in Philadelphia, Marbles Kids Museum in Raleigh, Saint Louis Science Center, Carnegie Science Center in Pittsburgh, Detroit Zoo, the Discovery Center in Murfreesboro/Nashville, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry in Portland and Discovery Place Kids in Huntersville/Charlotte.

All Forms of Fruits and Vegetables Offer Consistent Nutritional Benefits

Contrary to the popular beliefs reflected in the State of Healthy Eating in America study, packaged fruits and veggies can be an excellent source of necessary key nutrients while being convenient, accessible and delicious. According to the Produce for Better Health Foundation, all forms of packaged fruits and veggies provide important nutrients without contributing significantly to sugar and sodium intake, and reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses as well as food waste. Furthermore, canned foods provide great-tasting nutrition, while offering a solution to food waste.


Healthy Eating