They are sweet and juicy and many are packed with vitamins and antioxidants. No wonder fruits are such a healthy favorite. But are you getting enough?

The Dietary Guidelines for Americans recommend two cups of fruit every day. So get creative. There are plenty of ways to add more fruit to your family's life.

  • Stock up on fresh fruit in season or choose canned fruit. Since many canned fruits are equivalent in nutritional quality to their fresh counterparts, you will feel good about serving them any time.
  • Also try our fruit in jars or bowls like tropical mangos or red grapefruit. The added benefit of already peeled, sliced and diced fruit means there is no waste and no wasted time.
  • Pack Del Monte® Fruit Cup® snacks in your child's lunch or keep a few in your desk drawer for quick and easy snacks.
  • For fresh from the garden taste, try Del Monte Fruit Naturals® or Del Monte Orchard Select® fruits found in the produce section. They make whipping a fancy fruit salad together a breeze for a quick morning breakfast or brunch.
  • Top grilled fish or chicken with Del Monte Pineapples for a Caribbean twist. Or add mandarin oranges or pears to salads.
  • Family-sized jars and cans provide the perfect amount of fruit for your favorite salads, cobblers, pies and drinks.
  • Add a little curry or cinnamon to Del Monte canned fruits and heat.
  • Top low-fat frozen yogurt with canned peaches
  • Whip up quick smoothies by blending Del Monte fruits with juices, ice and yogurt
  • Puree cooked Del Monte Pear Halves as a sauce for chicken or turkey
  • Serve a cereal sundae by layering low sugar cereal with diced fruit, almonds and low-fat yogurt
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