Nurturing People

At Del Monte Foods, we believe in nurturing people, from our customers eating our products to our farmers and employees, who are all part of the Del Monte family. Our aim is to be a leading provider of healthy products from our workplace operations to the consumer. Equally important are the relationships we have established within our family of employees, suppliers, customers and the communities in which we live and work.

Our employees

Our talented people are our greatest asset. We actively work to foster a diverse and welcoming workplace centered around mutual respect. Most importantly, we encourage our employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. We support employees in the pursuit of healthy lifestyles and even provide financial assistance to engage in health and well-being programs.

Our current workforce is comprised of approximately 760 salaried, full-time employees and 1,420 full-time, hourly employees. Over 4,300 seasonal hourly employees enable us to pack fruits and vegetables when they are in season throughout the summer and fall. Refer to our Careers page for more information on Diversity and Training programs.

Our communities

Though we are a relatively big food brand, all our products start with strong individual relationships with growers. Central to these relationships is the critical role our growers play in helping deliver a consistent, high-quality product. Our support programs are integrated from initial research through to the final product. Given our close relationship with our growers and the high standards we employ, we seek to ensure we are doing the right thing by our business and theirs. As our growers are impacted by the decisions we make, we do our best to give them what they need to thrive.

Our corporate giving program reflects the values we share with the communities in which we operate. At Del Monte Foods, we have a can-do spirit and believe in using our quality products to change lives and make a real impact in our communities. Through this approach, we seek out and support local and national organizations that make a difference.

As part of our “Farm2Family” Corporate Giving program, we contribute to organizations that focus on farm advocacy, feeding those in need, environmental stewardship, disaster relief, education, youth activities, family care and healthy living. We do this through financial gifts, as well as donating food to our communities where we can have the most impact. This year we donated over 8 million pounds of food and gave $760,000 to local community groups.

Throughout the years, we have donated millions of pounds of food to support local food banks and nonprofit programs. When hurricanes severely damaged parts of Texas, Florida and Puerto Rico in 2017, we responded with 18 truckloads of fruits and vegetables equal to over 1 million pounds of food distributed in under three weeks to the hardest-hit regions. We are recognized by Feeding America as a Disaster Relief Partner.

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