Creating a Transparent Food Chain

Our growers and processors are working hard to keep our retailers informed about the sources, safety and sustainability of our products. In a time when we see longer and increasingly digitized supply chains, we are narrowing the gap between farm and family. Beyond our contractual relationships with our growers and close involvement in the growing process, we use new technologies to gain deeper insights about our farms and the vegetables, tomatoes and fruit they grow. This enhanced visibility is creating further opportunities to collect data and for our growers and customers to share their insights, resulting in greater transparency from farm to table.

Connecting You and Ensuring Integrity

Del Monte Foods is working to cultivate a culture of transparency by connecting you with growers, giving a glimpse of where our food is picked and packed at the peak of ripeness.

Through sophisticated software and our work with the Stewardship Index of Specialty Crops, we are working to provide detailed information about how our vegetables are grown. At Del Monte, we encourage our growers to participate in programs that advance consumer knowledge, build trust, and make their communities better places in which to live and work.

Central to our engagement with our vegetable growers is our partnership with our third-party vendor, CropTrakTM. This tool allows us to track various data including traceability, sustainability, and customer audit information; we house this data in one central repository, facilitating more dynamic feedback loops with operations and partners.

Food Chain