We rely on nature’s bounty to bring our products to millions of families across the country. Our direct connection to the earth’s resources reinforces our longstanding commitment to stewardship and responsible operation.

Across all the produce we grow and package, we have mapped our value chain to show the key environmental inputs and outputs in our process. This has helped us identify hot spots or areas where we should focus our efforts to ensure a sustainable future for our business. Accordingly, we focus efforts on the following environmental areas:

  • Enhancing soil quality while reducing the use of chemicals through innovative processes like plant breeding 
  • Managing water use in farms and processing/packaging to maximize efficiency and minimize pollution 
  • Proactively addressing climate change and working to minimize our carbon footprint
Climate change poses clear physical challenges to our business, as agricultural commodities are particularly vulnerable. Expected effects of climate change, such as increased temperatures, less reliable water supplies, and more extreme weather have the potential to significantly impact our operations and supply chain. Still, environmental changes and their market effects may also give rise to new opportunities. For instance, extreme weather patterns may lead to an increase in the demand for shelf-stable products. To address the impacts of climate change, we work with our farmers on a variety of sustainability initiatives, which include developing drought- and pest-resilient varieties through our seed growing program. 

Managing Our Environmental Performance

Del Monte has had a well-established environmental program in place for more than 30 years. Our environmental management system (EMS) sets out rigorous guidelines and processes to ensure that our facilities meet the highest standards of environmental performance, every day. We view full compliance with all applicable regulations as a minimum goal, and strive to exceed industry standards across our operations.

Our environmental team remains on the cutting edge of environmental management by being active in industry and governmental forums, and by taking leadership roles in local, regional, and national environmental organizations.

Environmental Policy

We maintain a written Environmental Policy that is updated periodically to reflect new advances in best practice and to better serve the Company’s operating needs. This policy is posted in our facilities, communicated to facility management, and also incorporated into training for environmental and operations staff.


Del Monte has an excellent track record in maintaining compliance with all applicable environmental regulations. We require that facilities based outside of the United States also fully meet the compliance standards of their host country.

We conduct in-house audits for all our U.S.-based facilities at least once every three years. Facilities are required to resolve any issues within 60 days of receiving final audit results.

In addition to formal audits, facilities perform annual environmental self-assessments. Each environmental coordinator or manager conducts a compliance field inspection and record-keeping review and submits the findings to the facility manager and the regional environmental manager. Any issues uncovered by the self-assessment must be resolved within 30 days of discovery.

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