Living a healthy lifestyle sounds great, but how can you incorporate it into your daily routine?

Easy. Just review these helpful food nutrition facts and tips and check out the nutrition information about fruits and vegetables. In minutes, you'll be up-to-speed on which foods feature various advanced nutrients, and how those essential nutrients positively impact your body.

Healthy Meal Tips

It can often be difficult to get the variety of fruits and vegetables you need every day. But with a little creativity and help from Del Monte, creating dishes packed with a variety of fruits and vegetables has never been quicker or easier.

Try some of these great ideas to help you get started. Maybe you'll even discover a new family favorite.

  • Encourage healthy eating in your family with these tips:
    • At the grocery store, talk about the names, shapes, colors, and sizes of fruits and vegetables
    • Teach your kids to spell the names of fruits and vegetables 
    • Talk about how fruits and vegetables are grown and where they are grown
    • Talk about fruits and vegetables eaten in other cultures, and try new ones
  • Keep a running list of items you need to pick up at the grocery store so when you do have to go you won't be shopping from memory.
  • Did you know that the diameter of the average dinner plate has grown by 2 inches over the last 20 years? Filling your plate could contribute to overeating. If you tend to eat large portions try switching to a smaller dinner plate or try not to let one food run into another on your plate.
  • During the holiday season it can be difficult to fit in your daily workout. So take advantage of those shopping trips! Wear your pedometer and take a walk around the mall before you hit the stores. Aim for 10,000 steps every day.

Healthy Fruit and Vegetable Meal Tips

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